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NZCA Presentation: “Collaborative, Conversational Networks”

December 11, 2009

On Thursday 10 December I gave a keynote address at the annual conference of the New Zealand Communication Association, which met in Dunedin this week. You can download the slides by clicking here (6.5 MB, PDF). You can also hear and download an  audio recording of the presentation here (56.5 MB, MP3, 62 Min.). If you download both files, and play the audio while clicking through the slides, it’s almost like being there.

Collaborative, Conversational Networks – ABSTRACT

From static archives, to a web of hyperlinked pages, to 3D virtual worlds, the Internet has developed into an increasingly visual, interactive, and immersive medium over the past two decades. However, access to graphically intensive environments and high-resolution content can be less useful, and less popular, than sites and applications that support fast and convenient communication between people. According to Google’s David Glazer, “people are the Killer app of the Web,” and as Tim Berners-Lee reminds us, the World Wide Web has always been about communication in “a collaborative space where people can interact.” Sophisticated mobile devices now enable us to download and upload text, images, audio, and video, easily, quickly, and when and where we please. Improved network speeds reduce the lag time between sending and receiving, resulting in a more conversational mode of communication. This mix of collaboration and conversation enables the formation of online communities, where participation and contributions are rewarded by increased visibility and enhanced reputation.  I will discuss examples of successful collaborative, conversational networks, and I will highlight the importance of open access, and the usefulness of the Creative Commons Licensing option.


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