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Flitting, finding, forgetting — welcome to your Twitter lifestream

December 17, 2009

Whangarei Falls by Paul Hutson. CC BY NC

A recent post, “How To Integrate Twitter with PowerPoint,” explains how you can send out your Powerpoint presentation over Twitter, live. Another, “How to Turn Twitter Into Your One-Stop Lifestream” describes how to divert all of your conversations to your Twitter stream. The problem, of course, is that your twitter stream, and, with it, your lifestream, quickly disappears down the archive drain and into unmarked servers in some distant Internet backwater. It then evaporates into the clouds, never to be found again. Twitter’s search tool can’t remember Tweets that are more than ten days old — it’s a tool that helps us to focus on the present and near past. There is another tool, called SnapBird, that lets you search back further than ten days, but only incrementally. Retrieving the distant past is hard. Never mind, we will be so busy paying attention to the immediate present that we probably won’t be too concerned about yesterday anyway, let alone last month or last year. The real-time web is an exciting, multi ring circus that runs 24/7. We all have a front row seat and, if you want, you can perform in your very own ring. The past is gone; the future is a dream.

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