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An executive summary of this blog so far

December 18, 2009

Information graphic generated by

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

When thinking about a problem or reflecting on an idea or situation, designers go out of there way to try to think and communicate in a considered way using different media, voices, and techniques. Information graphics are one method of thinking about and presenting information. Wordle provides an easy way to start playing with an approach based on text. The technique is simple, but it does one thing well — it provides a visual representation of the relative number of times specific words have been used in a text. Notice the different tone that results from using various fonts, colour combinations, and layouts. Have a look through the gallery to see what other people have created. Once you’ve made a few wordles from texts that you have handy, try working the other way — write a text that will generate the kind of wordle that you have in mind. By working within the limitations of the tool (which you discover by playing with it for a while) you will soon be able to find and prepare texts that work well with this process.

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