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Links to Open Scholarship Readings

March 2, 2010

Open Access (Storefront) by Gideon Burton CC By SA

Many of the posts in this public blog are written for students in DESI437 & SCOM407, a course that I coordinate at the University of Otago here in Dunedin, New Zealand. However, I hope that others, students and non-students alike, will feel welcome and will find something useful here. If you’ve just joined this discussion, the purpose of the course is to learn how to conduct and publish research in an open manner using contemporary digital tools, networks, and sites. During the months ahead (the course finishes in October), the 22 students in the group will create a WordPress blog and a set of audio podcasts on a research topic of their choice.  First, though, we need to address what it means to be an Open Scholar and an Open Student. A good place to start is Gideon Burton’s piece on The Open Scholar, and his declaration that Scholarly Communication must be Open, both of  which he published on his Academic Evolution blog. Burton represents a growing movement amongst academics for opening up access to research processes and outcomes. Check out the Open Scholar Facebook site to get a sense of what other academics are thinking. As you would expect, students are out there in the forefront of the movement. The Right to Research Coalition Website makes the case for Open Access publishing and includes a Student Statement on the Right to Research. Gavin Baker has written that Open Access Journal Literature is an Open Educational Resource. You can read other posts and download related publications and presentations from Gavin’s WordPress blog. SPARC’s Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition website profiles several students who are leaders and “Agents of Change”. One of these leaders, Nick Shockey, is now SPARC’s Director of Student Advocacy. I bet he would love to hear from New Zealand students who share his interest in Open Research and Open Access publishing. DESI437 & SCOM407 students are asked to follow the links in this post and read the articles mentioned in preparation for a discussion on Monday 9 March at 10:00AM in the Design Studies attic.

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