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DESI436/SCOM407 contact time plan

March 15, 2010

Lecture Hall. Photo by sholeh!! CCBy

As we discussed last week, the Design Studies attic computer lab and adjacent seminar space is booked for our combined class from 9:00-1:00 every Monday. We will use the time as follows:

9:00-11:00: I will be in the computer lab (or in my office next to the lab) to provide assistance, to discuss your research topic, and to discuss issues and ideas relating to the course. This is mainly production time, so come for the whole two hours if you can. Remember, there are 22 of you and 10 computers in the lab, so you might want to bring your own laptop. You can do all of the projects for the course without using proprietary software, so you should be able to use your own computer in the attic, elsewhere on campus, or at home (assuming that you have access to an Internet connection).

11:00-12:00: We will all meet for a discussion in the Design Studies attic. It is important that everyone attend this hour. We will discuss practical and administrative issues, and I will present information relevant to what we are doing. You already know the project due dates (see the course handout). Appropriate information and resources will be presented week-to-week to provide the necessary resources and support. There is no fixed lecture schedule, because I do not intend to present formal lectures. I will provide most of the of prompts, presentations, and resources through this blog. I will never ask you to do anything in the course that I do not do myself. Hopefully, you will put my blog, podcasts, and presentations to shame. I’m sure that you will all excel in one or more aspects of the course, and we will show and discuss your work as the year progresses.

12:00-12:50: This time is reserved for technical assistance and mini workshops. I will try to identify what I think you need as we go, but please let me know if you require help with a particular software program, system, or process. Although this is not a course about learning software, we will provide the support that you need to ensure that you can complete your projects. Help will be provided as needed, and  the topics are not predetermined. If you are not having any problems, just use this hour as research and production time.

Thanks, folks.

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