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Welcome to the Buy NZ Made Experiment

March 26, 2010

Jandals photo by Big Blue Ocean. CCBySA

Hello DESI and SCOM students of 2010! My name is Trae Gardner and I will posting tid bits to the blog throughout the year. I suppose you may be wondering why I might be doing this and how I came to be connected with your course. Last year (2009) I worked with Mark as a Research Assistant and helped out during his tutorials for this paper. Sadly I have since left Dunedin (yes really, I was quite sad) and have relocated to Wellington. I completed a Masters in Consumer and Applied Sciences with Design Studies in 2008 and spent 2009 tutoring within Design Studies and assisting with two research projects. One was an extension to my Masters research findings [link]. To learn more about me and my work click here.

Mark contacted me last week to see if I might like to still be involved with this course as a continuation of the work we did last year. So, I’m very happy to take him up on the offer and with the magic of technology I can achieve this.

My first post may be of interest while you are still deciding on what your blog might cover and what its function might be. I came across this story in an article in the Dominion Post. A young lady and student, Sarah Marquet is writing about her experience of buying NZ made products for one year, all on a student budget of $160. Here is the link to her blog To read some further background on what she is doing click here.

What I think is great about this blog is that it invites interest and participation from the public. She even has comments/posts left from companies/products that she talks about! In the blogging trade this would be classified as ‘complex blogging’-an extended analysis and synthesis over time that builds on previous posts, links and comments. Perhaps consider this a goal for your own blogs that you develop throughout the year. Personally, I can’t help reading through her blog and trying to think of products that I could suggest to her. I am one of many supporting her cause and in this respect its an intervention. It makes you think long and hard about your purchase decisions, brands and products in our everyday life.

Alright thats it from me today, I will keep trying to find examples, interesting topics and post them as I find them. If you would like to contact me, Mark will have my email contact handy. Until next time…..

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  1. Mark Mcguire permalink
    March 28, 2010 1:45 pm

    Thanks for the post, Tracey. I added an image to this post, and I also added Sarah Marquet’s blog to the “Other Blogs” links. This will be an interesting project to follow!

    Mark McGuire

  2. April 30, 2010 8:49 pm

    lmao sweet stuff man.

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