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20×20 presentations due Monday 3 May

April 26, 2010

Memory Space, Caro and Mike, Berlin #17 PechaKucha CC BY ND

In an earlier post, I talked about the Pecha Kucha format, which constrains a presentations to 20 slides that are each projected for 20 seconds (for a total presentation time of 6 min. 40 sec.). As we discussed in class, all DESI 436 and SCOM 407 students should be prepared to give their presentation on Monday morning, 3 May. We will set up from 9:00-9:30 and aim to start at 9:30. Please bring your powerpoint file, keynote file or individual screens ready to go. I If you can get them to me on the previous Thursday or Friday (29-30 April) that would help.

Assessment: 25% of the course mark

The Brief: Deliver a face-t0-face presentation on Monday 3 May that follows the Pecha Kucha format on a topic of your choice. Although I encourage you to align your presentation topic with your blog topic, this is not required. A standard screen size of 600 x 800 pixels is recommended. We will make an audio recording of all of the presentations. By the end of class on Monday 10 May, upload a version of your presentation so that it is accessible from your blog. How you do this is up to you. You can simply upload a pdf of your slides, with or without audio, or you can use slideshareprezi or some other service.  Consider appropriate design strategies for both the live and online versions. Ensure that you have the appropriate rights to the content that you use, because it will be published for anyone to see on your blog. The questions that I will be asking when assessing your work will include:

How successful and compelling is the narrative?

Was the delivery strong, confident, and well prepared?

How well chosen and designed are the individual slides?

Can the results be published without copyright violations?

Does the online version take into account the differences and advantages of the digital medium?

Does the presentation work within the blog (is it playable and/or downloadable)?

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