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Attending the DEANZ Conference

April 26, 2010

I am in Wellington attending the 10th Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) conference. It began last night with a welcome and social gathering, and it ends at 1:00PM on Wednesday. As well as attending, Tracey Gardener and I will be recording the conference sessions, as well as interviews with the presenters and attendees. The audio files, hopefully accompanied by the slided from the talks, will be available from the DEANZ website soon after the conference. You can follow the Twitter stream of the conference to read some of the live comments by going to and searching for the tag “#deanz10” (or you can just click here). You can follow my Twitter updates on the right side of this page. My recent Twitter posts can also be seen here.

In place of a live presentation from me durring class this morning, DESI 436 and SCOM 407 students are asked to review a conference presentation that I gave in December 2009. I recorded the talk myself by placing a portable audio recorder on the table next to my laptop. I then uploaded the unedited recording, along with a PDF of my slides, to Unitube, Otago University’s digital repository. This is the same technique that we will be using for the DEANZ conference. The details about the conference presentation, and how to review and download it, are below.

Collaborative, Conversational Networks” NZCA Presentation: Dunedin, NZ, 10 Dec. 2009

I gave this keynote address at the annual conference of the New Zealand Communication Association, which met in Dunedin 9-10 December 2009. You can read the abstract on this post. You can download the slides by clicking here (6.5 MB, PDF). You can also hear and download an  audio recording of the presentation here (56.5 MB, MP3, 62 Min.). If you download both files, and play the audio while clicking through the slides, it’s almost like being there.

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