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Pecha Kucha Presentations (DESI 436 and SCOM 407)

May 29, 2010

Sofie Welvaert's Pecha Kucha Costume

The Design Studies and Science Communications students in the combined DESI 436 / SCOM 407 course gave their Pecha Kucha presentations recently (Sophie Welvaert, shown here, dressed up for the occasion). They were also asked to create an online version of their talk in a way that takes advantage of the possibilities of digital networks. The various strategies that they employed demonstrate the many ways in which an online presentation is different from what happens face-to-face.

Sue Voice created a short video, “All @ Sea”, that she uploaded to her YouTube page and embedded into a post on her blog, The Voice of Sue. Instead of her voice, she substituted text labels and music. The result, which can be paused and replayed, is half the length of her offline talk but it is equally effective. Ram Alluri created a version of his presentations about little-known species as a short video with music, which he called “Our Own Aliens.” Abi Holt also created a video using her Pecha Kucha slides and an audio recording of her voice. The mysterious and engaging Postcards from Port Said and the accompanying narrative demonstrate another method of making a face-to-face presentation accessible over the Internet (for more information about this one, see the related blog post). These are just a few of the many approaches the DESI 436 and SCOM 407 students used to create an online version of their live Pecha Kucha presentation.


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