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Websites featuring logo designs and designers

July 15, 2010

NEXT Logo (designed by Paul Rand, rendered by malagent, CCBY)

There are many websites that feature collections of logos. Brands of the World is a archive of logos organized by catagory and country. Another site focusses on the most famous logo designs. The Logo Design NZ blog has a collection of what they believe to be the 100 best logos as well as a collection of 450 logos for Web 2.0 companies. The Logo Design Love blog discusses the European Design Award (EDA) winning logos for 2008 and features 10 handwritten logos and 15 wonderfully simple logos. This site also has a discussion of the work of Paul Rand, the designer of some of the best known brand identities. A website dedicated to the work of Paul Rand provides information about his logo designsarticles and interviews, and related resources, including an article by Paul Rand on logo design. Another site discusses the world’s best logo designers, with links to further information about Paul RandHerb LubalinMilton GlaserSaul BassWalter Landor,Ivan Chermayeff and Tom GeismarBob GillWally Olins, and the Minale Tattersfield Agency.

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