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DESI222 Project #1 Education Intervention Design and Promotion

July 19, 2010

Education Building. Photo by my_new_winter_coat (CCBYNCSA)

Project #1 Brief

Working in small groups, invent a new product, service, or institution that addresses a problem or opportunity in higher education. Create an information and promotion package for your intervention that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1)    A logo, slogan, and explanatory text

2)    A promise, objective or mission statement

3)    A mock up of a website (at least 3 screens, 1024 x 768)

4)    A printed, folded A4 flyer and pdf file for downloading and email attachment

5)    A short presentation to the class (20 slides x 20 seconds)

6)    An A3 printer poster

7)    An ad for a printed publication of your choice (Critic, ODT, etc.)

8)   A 5-10-page A4 illustrated report explaining your idea and strategy

Due date: Friday 27 August 4:00 PM

Assessment: 60% of total mark for the course

Note: The author of the photo used to illustrate this post describes the significance of the image here (quoted below).

“”Campus Challenge 2007” photo. Hooked onto the Science/Nursing building, the Education building is also one of BSU’s elder buildings. This photo is really kinda important to me because it captures my thoughts as to what education is often constructed to “mean.” Note the uniformity of the brick and the professional nature of the font used. Almost as if “education” is distributed in neat even blocks. Or worst yet, the recipients of education are representational of those blocks. Does a certain Pink Floyd song come to mind for anyone else? Cliché, but true all the same…”


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