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Education Innovation Pech-Kucha Presentations (DESI 222)

August 12, 2010

PinPoint logo sketch ideas, DESI 222 Group 3

DESi 222 (Communication Design Project) students presented their initial ideas for their Education Innovation in the form of short (6 min. 40 sec.) Pecha-Kucha presentations. To get a sense of their projects, you can see their slides (we did not record the audio) on UniTube, the Otago digital repository, by clicking on the project titles below. Working in groups of 3 or 4, students collaborated in brainstorming sessions in which they identified an opportunity to improve the experience of students at the University of Otago. They then pulled together their sketch ideas, initial logo concepts and mission statements in a way that could be clearly communicated to the class during the lecture time. After gathering feedback, they will refine their ideas and complete their submission, which will include their research, strategy, and marketing plan. The project brief is described in this post. Some of the innovative developments in education that we discussed in lectures are summarized in here.

Group 1: The Course Approval Process

Group 2: My Place (Student Web Portal)

Group 3: PinPoint (Campus map and student schedule mashup)

Group 4: Campus Purchasing Card

Group 5: ReBound (Used Text Book Exchange)

Group 6: Initiate (Student career network website)

Group 7: Unite (Monorail)

Group 8: The Bookshelf (Textbook Exchange)

Group 9: Brolly (Free to use campus umbrellas)

Group 10: ECOPY DOCK (Electronic Texts)

Group 11: The Real Deal (University course information for high school students)

Group 12: (Student Web Portal)

Group 13: UniLife (Student Web Portal)

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