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Dave Butler-Peck talks about Trade Aid

August 26, 2010

David Butler-Peck, Assistant Manager, Trade Aid Dunedin

Dave Butler-Peck delivered a talk about the Trade Aid organization to the DESI 222 (Communication Design Project) class on Monday 23 August. Dave is the Assistant Manager of the Dunedin Trade Aid shop, which is located at 133 George Street. The slides from his talk can be seen and download from here. The audio recording of his talk can be found here. It can also be heard using the player below.

Dave talked about the history and aims of Trade Aid and reported on his recent trip to Peru, where he visited Trade Aid producer groups. He then showed some of the work that Design Studies students have done in the past for Trade Aid, and he outlined what graphic and marketing help they could use now. For their second project for the semester, DESI 222 students will be creating graphic and markting material to promote Trade Aid. Dave will be away from Saturday 4 September, so visit him in the shop before then if you have any questions about what they need.

In preparation for this project, students should also review the talk that was recently delivered by Vi Cottrelle, the founder of Trade Aid. The audio and slides from her talk can be accessed from this post. Also check out the Dunedin Fair Trade page on Facebook.
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