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Mix and Mash: The Great NZ Remix and Mashup Competition

September 3, 2010

Color additive mixing by Mirsad Todorovac, CCBYSA

I just received the following email announcing a competition that looks like it could be fun.

. . . . . . . . . .
This November New Zealand will see the biggest push ever to get people using our digital content and data, with the launch of Mix and Mash: The Great NZ Remix and Mashup Competition:
Follow them on twitter at @mixandmashnz
We are running Mix and Mash together with Webstock, NZonScreen, Creative Commons, Open New Zealand,, and the National Library of New Zealand. Competition details, including categories and prizes, will be announced at a special event in early November, and the competition will run for approximately 3 weeks. Entries will be showcased online after the competition closes.
The point of the competition is to create something new out of digital content that already exists. This could be arty folk creatively editing digital images, sound, and video into a whole new story or techies knitting together data sources and APIs to build new applications like map mashups or apps for iPhones. By bringing together the creative content folk with the techy people, we’re hoping to trigger a creative collision. This competition will not only create a bucket-load of new content but also give huge exposure to the wealth of NZ content you are already making available via DigitalNZ.
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