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DESI222 Project 2: Trade Aid Marketing Design

September 6, 2010

Trade Aid shop, 133 George Street Dunedin

For this second (and last) project, DESI 222 students will work in small groups (the same groups you were in for Project 1) to design marketing material for the Trade Aid Shop at 133 George Street in Dunedin. Each group is required to complete a selection of projects from the list below (at least one for every member of the group) in addition to proposing at least one idea of your own that is not on this list. Your submission must include a group report (at least 10 pages) outlining your research and explaining your solutions, which should follow the Trade Aid Style Guide and be able to be implemented by the client. Each group will also make a short presentation to the class (in the Pecha-Kucha format) beginning on 27 September.

Due date: Friday 8 October 4:00PM (physical hand-in to the office and digital submission to Assessi).

Assessment: 40% of final course mark

Possible Trade Aid Projects

• Coffee menu for space behind bar (A0 landscape or A3 or A4)

• Window displays

• Display framing the computer and bar scanner

• Chalkboard outside (laminated signs, Velcro, other ideas)

• Lean back signs in plastic stands A3, A4, A5 (“Did you know?” Etc.)

• Content for website

• Interviews with Volunteers for website

• Signs: “New is store”, “Just arrived”, signs in shape of Peru and other countries

• Facebook page for “Trade Aid Dunedin” (to compliment the Trade Aid Dunedin Group and the Fair Trade Dunedin Person).

• Social networking possibilities (Twitter, etc.)

• Christmas invitations

• Christmas Gala night invitations and promotion

• Film Festival flyer (for 2011)

• Email promoting corporate gifts from Trade Aid with flyer for email attachment and printed flyers in shop (the company gives a Trade Aid gift to employees or customers)

• Trade Aid Stall for school or church (flyer or email attachment encouraging people to run a trade aid stall at their school or church)

• Promotion to go out to groups and companies promoting in-store shopping evening

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