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Pecha Kucha Night Dunedin #9 20 March

March 15, 2011

Here’s the programme for Pecha Kucha Night Dunedin #9, March 20, 2011.

Glenroy Auditorium, 7.30pm

COMPERE: Leigh Paterson


  1. Ian Chapman // Lecturer Music // Rebel Rebel – You’ve Torn your Dress: Kiwi Women in Rock!
  2. Lynn Vare // Songwriter // Love songs – My Bastard Children
  3. Martyn Roberts // Theatre Studies Lecturer // Rediscovering analogue
  4. Lara Macgregor // Artistic Director Fortune Theatre // The Circles We Move In
  5. Jamie Hanton // Director of Blue Oyster Gallery // The database of original art.
  6. Stanley Manthyng // Queer Loudmouth // The Tale of Mrs Kissenger


Please don’t kill the Mockingbirds

Ian Loughran Finalist in the Australian ‘Quest for the best’ comedy competition 2010 & Barry Odgers aka radio DJ Baznasty, two ‘Jacks of all trades’.


  1. Jonathan Cweorth,// Medievalist // Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d.
  2. Mark McGuire // Design Lecturer / Public square or walled garden?
  3. Jinty McTavish,//City Councillor // Urban Genius – inspiration from around the globe
  4. Mishca Rhys Hill // Artist & Designer // We can watch you it doesn’t stop you
  5. Nina Katchadourian // Artist in residence, DPAG // Animal Crossdressing
  6. John Egenes // Traveller // The Long Ride
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