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Uploading and linking to presentations

April 14, 2011

Title slide for a presentation at the IA Summit 2011 (Bob Fay and JoAnna Hunt)

A recent post on the slideshare blog discusses how participants at the 2011 Information Architecture Summit used slideshare to create an online archive of conference presentations for members of their community who were unable to attend the event. When presenters uploaded their slides to Slideshare, they added a tag that made it easy for people to access all of the presentations in one place. One of the participants, Martin Belam, published a set of links on his blog to the presentations and related content in chronological order. Holger Maassen also compiled a list of links to the Slideshare presentations and supporting material on his blog. As a result, there are three sites where visitors can go to see the slides that were presented at the conference. Slideshare makes it easy to find related presentations through a keyword search. Because the authors of the blogs are interested in topics directly related to the conference, their sites provide useful related posts and links. By uploading and linking to conference presentations in this way, the conversation is continued and extended in an open-ended fashion through multiple sites and individuals.

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