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The end of the Typewriter

April 27, 2011

Royal Typewriter 5 (Lars Odemark cc-by-nc-nd)

The Indian Business Standard reports that the last remaining manufacturer of typewriters in the world, Godrej, stopped production in 2009 and has only 500 machines remaining for sale. The Indian-based company was the last of the major manufacturers, which included Remington Rand, IBM, Olivetti, Smith-Corona, Olympia, and  Underwood, to stop production. Since the 1950’s, the typewriter was a symbol of independence and industrialization in India. Although there is still a healthy market for used machines, they have been largely replaced by the computer keyboard in India, as in other countries. For those who grew up with computers and never used a typewriter, the history of this iconic machine can be found in The Virtual Typewriter Museum.

When personal computers first became available in the 1980’s, the keyboard led many to think of it as a digital typewriter. However, as the best-selling book, The Mac is Not a Typewriter, pointed out, professional typesetting involves much more than simply getting the right letters in the right order. The popular style manual for professional desk-top typesetting was first published in 1989, and a second edition was published in 2003.

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  1. January 23, 2013 9:35 pm

    I truly seem to agree with all the things that was
    in fact written within “The end of the Typewriter
    Mark McGuire’s Blog”. Thanks for pretty much all the tips.Many thanks-Helen

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