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TEDxLondon The Education Revolution

September 18, 2011

TEDxLondon Education Revolution 17 Sept. 2011

I woke up early and had trouble falling back to sleep, so I picked up my iPhone and checked my Twitter feed. I saw a stream of tweets from people attending TEDxLondon: The Education Revolution. It was 4:30 AM Sunday morning in New Zealand and 5:30 PM Saturday night in London. Most of the messages were raving about a talk that had just been given by Max Whitby, a Film-maker and scientist. I followed various tweets and messages to harvest some good contacts (it’s like standing in a fast-moving river, trying to catch fish with your bare hands). I diverted some of the most useful tweets to my email account before they disappeared into the vast ocean of lost conversations. I realized that, as well as following live tweets from the event, I could watch the live video stream. I brought my laptop into bed and logged on. I caught the end of a performance by Tim Exile (Musicial, Performer and Developer) before the conference took a 40-minute “conversation break”. Since I have no one to converse with (it is now 5:40 AM on a Sunday morning and it is pretty quiet around here) I thought I would write this blog post with a few links that I could come back to later.

Checking the list of presenters, I see that the headliner is Sir Ken Robinson. The TED (Technology Education Design) website has several links to his previous talks and work, and I remember one that I saw four  years ago about how “schools kill creativity” (2006). This talk inspired several conversations and links relating to education reform. The version on YouTube, uploaded in 2007, has been watched 2.7 million times. [Two cats have just joined me in bed and I am having trouble typing]. Sir Ken Robinson gave the opening talk for this TED event, and he will close the 6-hour event at about 7:30 AM this morning (New Zealand Time).

It is now almost 6:00 AM. Milo won’t get off my keyboard and Minky had snuggled under the covers. I can hear the birds outside (so can Milo – he’s now at the window). I will come back to this post to upload an image and a few other links and comments later. Back to the TED presentations . . .


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